A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
Jamie, Reading

Children’s Physiotherapy

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FayeKnight Children’s Physiotherapy is based at Drummond Physiotherapy, with the aim of providing an easily accessible, highly specialised service, meeting the unique needs of babies, children and young people from 0-19 years.

Faye is a children’s physiotherapist with over 15 years’ experience across a wealth of acute and community settings, most latterly as a senior specialist practitioner at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital in London.

Faye is passionate about working with children; the benefits of her speciality is an in-depth knowledge and understanding of child development and the diseases, conditions and injuries specific to childhood. She understands the impact a disabled or sick child can have on family life and has the therapeutic and educational skills necessary to teach, empower and promote physical wellbeing. Children should never be seen as ‘mini adults’ and treated as such.

The philosophy of Faye’s treatments are to make Physiotherapy fun, goal oriented and child centred in order to achieve a child’s maximum potential in life.

Faye is registered with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), the Health Care Professions council (HCPC) and is DBS (previously CRB) checked.

Click on www.fkchildrensphysio.com for further information.

Conditions Treated

The range of conditions seen by children’s physiotherapy is wide and varied:


  • Developmental Delay; babies and young children not developing at the same pace as their peers. For example, not walking or sitting when they should be.
  • Cerebral Palsy and other neurological disorders; Faye will assess and treat babies through to young people with cerebral palsy of all classifications of CP. Faye is a trained Bobath therapist and can offer therapy and assessment regarding postural management , specialised equipment etc. She will work alongside a child’s NHS physiotherapist.
  • Downs syndrome and other chromosomal disorders.  
  • Development Co-ordination disorder (DCD); also known as developmental dyspraxia; difficulty planning and coordinating movement.
  • Babies; plagiocephaly, preferential head turning, torticolis, Erb’s palsy and foot issues such as talipes and metatarsus adductus (forefoot curving in).


  • Sports and growth related injuries; For example, Osgood Schlatter’s and Severs disease, Patella-femoral pain, adolescent back pain and postural issues.
  • Walking and lower limb concerns; flat feet, toes turning in, knock knees/bow legs, tip toe walking.
  • Post fracture or post surgery; needing specific rehabilitation.
  • Joint hyper mobility/hypermobility syndrome.
  • Rheumatological conditions; such as Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.

Faye can offer a Physiotherapy assessment in order to provide reassurance and advice or on-going treatment and rehabilitation. Alternatively, your child may be on an NHS waiting list or already receiving NHS treatment and private physiotherapy could work in conjunction with this.

Her personalised programmes are designed to fit in with your normal daily life and are therefore specific to your child and family.

With your consent, Faye also works with school and nurseries, sports teachers and coaches and other professionals who may be involved with your child in order to achieve the best results.