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Custom Orthotics - a great solution to alleviate pains, increase function and create comfort.........

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Children's Physiotherapy - Why wait until your children develop a problem?

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Preventative Physiotherapy - The smart way forward

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Specialist Physiotherapy for all

 “Everyone has the right to move well”

Based in Maidenhead, our specialist clinical team consists of highly qualified therapists in the fields of physiotherapy, rehabilitation, biomechanical analysis and nutrition & fitness. We also have a specialism in body management for elite athletes. Offering a full range of services including: physio, specialist sports rehabilitation and dynamic musculoskeletal assessments, we also create individual injury prevention programmes and tailored performance strategies supported by our clinical team. Browse through our Services (above), or review our Profiles (right; or below if you’re on a mobile) to see the full range of what we deliver in order to help keep you active and problem free.


Drummond Physiotherapy Virtual Physiotherapy

While we are now open for  face to face appointments, we are also still offering our appointments virtually for those of you who can’t come in! 

How do virtual consultations work?

Virtual (video) consultations work brilliantly for physio assessment and treatment because modern technology gives us not only a way of communicating verbally but visually too. This means we can demonstrate diagnostic tests for you to carry out to work out what is causing your pain and, most importantly, treat it. We do this by teaching you treatment techniques and exercises to reduce your pain and get you back to doing the things you identify in your first session with us. We have been used apps like Facetime, Zoom and Skype and continue to be open to other ways too.
As you can see from our testimonial videos, our prior experience doing video consultations mean that we are very effective in knowing how to make sure you get better quickly and fully. We teach you specific exercises to correct your biomechanics, strengthen weak muscles, improve your alignment and ultimately get you pain free – all of this can be done at home as long as you have good internet access!
If you’re interested in a virtual appointment or indeed a face to face then please contact us on 01628639532 or email

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Sport & Play


Our Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation service has a formidable reputation. You only have to read about the sporting pursuits and abilities of our therapists to realise that we really do understand what it takes to be involved in sport and exercise. Not only that, but our experience in treating sporting injuries has given us a deep and extensive knowledge base. Through this knowledge and understanding we are able to identify the root cause of your problem and rehabilitate you in both the short term and the longer term.

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Desk-bound, car bound,  heavy manual handling, or simply not stopping – when it comes to our working day, some of us are sat for long periods of time and others dash about or put their bodies under extreme physical pressures. All can lead to unexpected problems, thus not surprisingly pain and injury often originate from the workplace. Whether you wish to enhance your corporate welfare programme or are an employee with a problem that has stemmed from work we can help you either way. We work to live not live to work, make it pain free and productive as possible!

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Elite & Age Group Athlete


Excellence in performance is what every high performance athlete aspires to achieve

With this in mind, our high performance support programme is centred around taking away the element of chance of injury or any situation that may hinder training or competition. Our dedicated team will work with you and your support network, from start to finish, to ensure all your needs are met.

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You may have a bad back from your gardening pursuits, you may struggle to lift your children from a lack of core strength, you may be a DIY enthusiast who has suffered an injury that won’t go away.  You may want to lose weight or you are in need of a good night’s sleep and plenty of energy to get you through your day. All of these conditions are regular occurrences in the clinic. We understand the issues and can help you correct the cause of the problem. Whether it is a clinical treatment you require or simply a weight management programme, we can help you on your path to recovery and self improvement.

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At the clinic we are witnessing a big rise  in the number of youngsters with common sporting complaints and injuries from all forms of sport; rugby, tennis, rackets, badminton, cricket, football, golf, swimming, rowing, athletics – you name it, we see it.    We are passionate about not just delivering a quick-fix to allow inclusion in the ‘team’ today, but making sure we identify the root cause of the problem to help avoid long term and potentially serious problems as these youngsters mature. Our pain and injury management programmes involve education as well as rehabilitation and we work closely with coaches, PE staff and parents to ensure an overall knowledge and understanding for the long term benefit of the children involved.

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