A very thorough assessment done very professionally. It put my mind at rest – the hard work starts now.
Matt, Maidenhead

Seminar: How to Ride Your Fastest Ever Cycling Time Trial with Elite TT Cyclist Kate Allan

Thinking about entering the world of Time Trial Cycling?

Already competing but want to take your cycling to the next level?

If so, book into our Free November Seminar which will see Elite TT Cyclist Kate Allan taking you through the ins and outs of competing in TT cycling! (In no particular order!) Kate will explore:

  • The basics of Time Trialling
  • Coaching for a Time Trial
  • Equipment needed for a fast TT
  • The importance of a good bike set up
  • Race day planning

The seminar will be structured around a Q and A so bring your curiosity and lots of questions!

To book call us on 01628639532 or email info@drummondclinic.co.uk – hurry before spaces fill up!