Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe

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It doesn’t have to be ‘normal’ to ache every time you get out of bed. It shouldn’t have to hurt every time you attempt your favourite hobby or pastime. You shouldn’t always have to curtail your activities because you’ve had an injury or you suffer from discomfort.

Whether it’s a small pain in your finger or a severe pain in your back,  it’s really important to us that you can move pain free.

A consultation with one of our specialists will identify the underlying source of your pain, and highlight any instability which may be the root cause of the problem or the result of injury.  Whether you require some form of Physical Therapy be it physiotherapy, rehabilitation,  specific strength  and conditioning exercises, a biomechanical assessment, or some therapeutic massage, we will recommend the right course of action for you.  Any programme we put in place will not just be focused on today’s problems but also aim to prevent injury and pain in the future.


First, we recommend you re-assess your diet.

The benefits of our Nutrition Plan go far beyond weight loss. You will feel energised and you won’t fall into the short-term Fad Diet trap. Based on fresh and nutritious foods, the plan is designed so that you won’t go hungry whilst shifting fat – in particular, that stubborn around-the-middle fat.

You will see results quickly and will want to change your eating habits for life.

Next on the agenda is Exercise. Critical for keeping you active, in shape and feeling good, learn how to exercise properly and safely within our first-class training studio and great workout environment.

Personal Training can help with those motivational issues many of us suffer from. Tailored programmes via one-to-one sessions are a great way to expedite your goals and help deliver optimal fitness. 

Alternatively, our motivational Exercise Classes and Bootcamps are fun, diverse and also designed to get you fit.

There are no membership fees required and you can pay as you go, giving you flexibility and choice. (Please note, spaces are limited per class, so please check beforehand).

Don’t compromise, contact us  – you CAN make things better for yourself