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Cheryl, Maidenhead


Pillow Talk

SLEEP … we spend a lot of time with our head on our pillow(s), but how do we know if the pillow we’re using is correct?? Read our article to find out! Click through for more.

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Protecting Your Back When Travelling Or Commuting

With the majority of people these days either driving to work or taking some form of public transport, we’re seeing more and more people struggling with back pain as a result. Check out our top tips for looking after your back when travelling or commuting by clicking through!

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When’s a Niggle Not a Niggle?

When is that niggle you’re feeling actually something more serious? Don’t leave it until it’s too late – check out our latest article to find out more!

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Gait Assessment – What would your gait say about you??

The term “Gait Assessment” can be relatively broad in it’s use and as a result, expectations of what a gait assessment entails can be quite varied… click through to read more!!

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Improve your “Bouncebackability”!

So what works and what doesn’t? There’s so much out there, how do we pick what works for sport recovery and what doesn’t? We asked Sports Rehabilitation Specialist Arran to review some of the most talked about methods and give his opinions! Click through to read more…

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