A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
Jamie, Reading


Injury Risk in Women’s Football

Are you a woman who plays football? Want to make sure you’re aware of all of the injury risks? Check out this great article by our very own Ellie! Understand the risks to your body and then take steps to mitigate those risks with her follow on article on prevention!

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Injury prevention programmes in women’s football

Following on from our last article on injury risk in women’s football from Sports Rehabilitator Ellie, read this great article on injury prevention programmes in women’s football! Do you play football and want to stay injury free? Check out this great read!

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The Ins and Outs of Back Pain

Back pain. Why do we get it? What can we do about it?! Click through to read more!

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Turkey and Winter Noodle Greens Bowl

There is nothing more reassuring after the excesses of Christmas than the slurp of springy noodles with iron-rich greens in a life-enhancing broth. This one, inspired by Vietnamese pho, ekes out every last bit of flavour from the turkey carcass and uses up any leftover meat. Click through to read more for this fantastic Waitrose inspired meal!

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I don’t have any training goals for 2022… By Corinne Abraham

Have you worried about not having anything to train for in 2022? Are you stressing about getting something in place? Well, we’re here to tell you, IT’S OK! Check out our micro-read from Drummond Team member Corinne on why she’s not worrying about next year, and why you don’t need to either! Click through for more!

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