A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
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Challenge Lisboa Half – Race Report from Ambassador and Pro Triathlete Corinne Abraham


Race #3 was Challenge half Lisboa and I felt like there were some signs of fitness returning, mostly on the bike. I finished 6th which is sort of neither here nor there really compared to where I’d expect or like to be when fit-fit, but that’s not where I am right now… so I’ll not be beating myself up about that. I’ve had a chat with the ego, and she’s adjusted accordingly.

It was good to see Alice Hector again – she won at Volcano triathlon (Race #2) that I raced last weekend, and we also work with the same physio clinic (Drummond Clinic) in the UK. Speaking of which, Alex my physio was also racing and excelled himself with a 15min PB. Rob was also able to make it to Lisbon for the weekend so that was a winner, and for me, knowing other people there definitely increased the ‘fun factor’ of the race. Speaking of fun-factor; it was GREAT to meet up with Sofie Goos again (pic. left (c) Rob Holden Photography) who was on her first race back. We were team mates on the Uplace-BMC team and that lady is a bubbling energy force.

Lucy Charles is continuing to build on her results from last year and Challenge half Gran Canaria and took the top step of the podium from start to finish. Probably best to check Tri247 for the overall race review, but two thumbs up to her performance. Given her swim prowess, I’m going to assume less variability race -race than us non-swimmers and the fact that she also raced GC, I feel happy to use her as my bench mark for swim performance, given that it is not really possible to compare course-to-course times either. GC: Lucy swam: 26’36” I swam: 33’17” Lisboa: Lucy: 22’51” I swam: 27’51” so still some way off (gulp!) but percentage wise, a bit closer! While my swim fitness and ability are obviously factors, I’ve definitly feel I’ve got more gains to make purely in a race context. My race times do not reflect my pool swimming. So I’ll continue to work on that.

The bike course was dominated by the Danish rider Line Thams with 2:18:25, but from my own performance perspective (2:21:39) I was able to make up a good amount of the deficit from the swim (~4min) by the start of the 4th lap of the (4-lap) course. I had to put in a few surges to get through AG guys and again to get past the cluster of girls in 3rd-7th place, by which time I think that I’d used up my quota of leg-beans, because they all then were able to tag along behind me round the last lap to T2 and I couldn’t get clear. Megh. But it was good to be able to bike myself up to 3rd and have a bit more of an upper gear in the legs for this race.  I can continue to build from here.

Run wise. Yikes. My run legs have yet to find the same gear change, but it was a reasonably steady paced 21.1km, my cadance was a good tempo and my HR/effort was in the right place (just not the right place for that pace 😉 The 1st km saw Alice come flying past and then lap 2 I was passed by Sofie and Vanessa (Olympic triathlon Beijing silver medalist) and I was to hold 6th position to the end. Just in the money – which will cover the cost of my flights. It all counts!

The bike course is time-trial-tastic. Despite the dead turns – 4 per lap and a couple of roundabouts, it is flat enough to be able to TT all the way, but with some gradient changes which make it possible to attack or put the squeeze on to shake things up a bit. I’d love to come back and race here again with stronger legs. The run course was also flat and to be honest, my own fitness aside, even with a bit of heat and a bit of wind, I’m surprised that the run times from the other girls weren’t faster. I think this has the potential to be a pretty fast course.

There we have it, I’m on the plane back to Sands Beach in Lanzarote, via Barcelona. Next race in the series of training-and-racing-to-train is IM Lanzarote in 2 weeks and so far so good, I’m enjoying the process (is that allowed?!) and the body is adapting.
Onwards and thanks for checking in. C.

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