Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London

Injury or discomfort when Cycling – Bike or Body First

Do we focus too much on the bike and not the body?

Alex Drummond, Movement Specialist & Sports Physiotherapist.

As a Sports Physio specialising in movement, I am seeing a trend of bike this and Reutal that to get significant performance gains and not really any emphasis on looking critically at the body.

Yes the bike must fit, be comfortable and surely having the saddle too height/low, the wrong stem length will significantly effect the rider performance, but let’s engage with the real world and focus on where physical function meets performance.

For the body to function well, all of its components must work properly and communicate with each other. So looking at the whole picture is something that must be addressed first.

The body is very clever, if the performance of one area decreases, then it will try to uptake this loss somewhere else (compensation). This can only be achieved for a finite period of time before tissue, joint, technical overload occurs (the silent assassin). So quality global movement must be attained through mobility, flexibility and corrective muscle training in order to focus on the big performance gains that we are all familiar with: strength, endurance, power……..

Remember this – You cannot strengthen an unstable base as this will lead to failure in one or more of the functional systems. Of course the bike is important. Quality of frame, components, footwear, crank length and fit etc, but without this integrated approach we are sure to be missing a trick.

Resolving issues with physical movement is relatively easy in the right hands. If you are unsure who to see or what to do, then give our movement specialist sports physio an email

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