I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead

New Year MOT! Why you should be having a movement and mobility check in 2020!

Leading on from our recent posts regarding strategies for the new year. We are also offering a full body MOT. This MOT is largely to look at whether you have adequate movement quality in order to help you meet your new years resolutions and meet them as injury free as possible.

Why do I need a movement MOT?

There are various reasons why you should have a movement MOT:

  • What have you done this year from a movement perspective? Does this best prepare you for your new year goals?
  • What can you better do from a movement perspective from that will better prepare you for your new year goals?

Two examples may help you understand why this is relevant:

From desk to Crossfit

Crossfit or general Olympic lifting has gained popularity over the last few years and more and more are taking part due to the fact it offers a variety fitness minerals but also has a big community base.

However, what if you want to start cross fit but have sat at a desk all year, or you have been involved in activities that involve a very flexed posture such as rowing or cycling? This MAY manifest itself in reduced overhead mobility and reduced thoracic extension. This MAY have implications for you putting weight above your head – if you do not have the adequate range to go above head it is NOT a good idea to start shoving weight above there too!

In this instance it would be a good idea to have an assessments based around your overhead mobility and ability to control this under load.

Running to lose weight 

Running is a fantastic and free exercise option and one we often pick in order to lose weight and get fit in the new year. However, novice runners have quite a high risk of injury. It is also very common for an injury to happen early on into a ‘couch to 5k’ programme, and for this to stop a person running long term!

The risk of this happening can be negated by looking at key mobility areas such as your ankles, hips & looking at your strength/capacity in key muscle groups such as your calves, quads and gluteals. This combined with a quick running analysis can help you have a better idea about whether you are prepared to run.

Mobile for life

A movement screen does not have to be solely targeted at returning to an activity. Maybe you just want to optimize your movement potential to make life easier? Understand where your limitations are? Make it easier to put on your jacket or seatbelt? Squat down to pick up a box?

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