A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
Jamie, Reading

Orthotics for Pain Free Living – Your Custom Solution!

As a leader of Orthotic production and with 30 plus years of accumulative experience, our team at Drummond is poised to help you attain pain free living.

Orthotics used to be deemed for the elite performers, but a great number of recreational athletes (general public) are far more suited for the intervention of orthotics.  It struck me recently that our message that we send out from the clinic is somewhat outdated and needs revision to become more ‘modern’ and ‘inclusive’.

When we look at the profile of the active/exercising population, it spans pretty much every generation.  To that end we have to consider the young and their development, cater for the middling populations and attempt to halt/reverse the ageing process for those of progressing years. I hope that was sufficiently PC. 

This in itself is a huge task for us, and we have to develop strategies that assist us in achieving this.  Sometimes with the structural changes that need to occur within the body, we are not able to achieve this solely with exercise/activity rehabilitation, and therefore, need an added intervention to ensure a successful outcome.  This is where custom orthotics intervene.

Top-down and bottom-up are both strategies of information processing and knowledge ordering, used in many business fields.  We also use this in physical therapy and biomechanics, but literally in a ‘physical sense’.

Top Down Approach – due to the physical stressors of activity, exercise and more importantly sitting (this means at the desk too), dysfunctions of the core, back, pelvis and hips lead to a great number of common conditions.  The problem doesn’t stop at this height and may travel down to the knees, ankle and feet. Here exercise therapy is essential to recreate, balance, stability, and strength to these area but in some case may involve the addition of a custom orthotic to assist in resolving the above patterns of dysfunction.

Some of the patterns of dysfunction may exhibit as:

  • disc prolapse
  • nerve pain (many descriptions)
  • sacroiliac dysfunction
  • facet joint issues
  • Non-specific low back pain
  • Mid back & scapular pain
  • Shoulder and neck pain

Bottom Up Approach – From the foundation upwards, the way we move is dictated by the setup of our feet. If everything is working well then the forces and loading responses up into the body are normalised. If not, then we can develop local issues about the feet and ankles and there may be a need for a Custom Orthotic to be included in to your footwear to create your custom solution.

Some of the associated issues here may exhibit as

  • mortens neuroma
  • metatasalgia
  • plantarfaciitis
  • bunions
  • achilles tendonopathy
  • tendonopathy

In conjunction with our Biomechanical Movement Assessment, our orthotics are custom-made to your needs. Where we can, we create a seamless link from your assessment to the finishing touches of your new orthotics.  So that by the time you leave the clinic your orthotics will be meticulously fitted in your footwear.  For some more complex issues, we may require a return appointment to collect.

To understand what your needs are, book in now for a comprehensive Biomechanical Movement Assessment to start your journey to live without pain or discomfort – Your Custom Solution