Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe

Our ‘PhysioBikeFit’ and how it could help you!

The availability of places for a ‘Bike Fit’ has risen in recent years.  Of which the outcomes are pretty varied, depending on the goals of the fit, so let’s have a look at the structure of a bike fit:

We can basically partition a bike fit into two categories 


  • wanting to be more aero on a TT/Triathlon bike
  • wanting a better set up for a hilly or longer sportive
  • have a new bike



  • wanting to get rid of the negative effects of the saddle 
  • be more comfortable
  • offload areas of pain/ache
  • offset for functional limb length differences

With this in mind there needs to be a number of fit possibilities. Our range is as follows: 

Full Bike Fit

Bike Only Bike Fit


Having offered a tiered bike fit service for a number of years, we have recently added the ‘PhysioBikeFit’ to our list of offerings. This fit does everything but the bike.  It may seem strange that such a service would be in existence but in fact has now become our most popular bike fit service.

Here’s why – cycling is just a carry over to sitting in a chair.  The destruction/dysfunction that occurs from sitting is significant.  The resultant effect of which, means that most of us that cycle, do so with mild to severe movement compensation.  It is this compensation that creates the physical issues that that appear as issues on the bike such as:

  • Numbness in the balls of feet/hands
  • Soreness in the saddle area
  • Back ache/pain
  • Shoulder neck ache/burning
  • Hamstring tension/pull
  • Calf issues for the triathletes 

Of course, we can not forget the bike setup, but when taking an accurate history from the rider, it can quickly become apparent if the issues are coming from the body or the bike. A number of questions you can ask yourself might look like this

  • How well can I squat/move?
  • Do I live with ANY tightness or aches on a daily basis?
  • Is there any history that might effect your movement quality (surgery, falls, injury…..)?
  • What do I do to alleviate or offset some of the irregularities in movement, flexibility, mobility or strength ?

Depending on the answers above you may want to explore these areas in greater depth.  This is where the PhysioBikeFit comes into its own.  In-depth analysis, treatment and exercise prescription is the key to restoring the body’s normal movement patterns.  The benefit of this speaks volumes on the bike.

If you have any new or persistent issues on the bike, think ‘what can I (you) do about it?’ then do what you can and if you need further help then contact us.  We are just one call away from assisting you in problem free cycling!


Are you interested in a PhysioBikeFit? Click here for more information or call us on 01628639532 to book!