I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead

Update from Pro Triathlete and Clinic Ambassador Corinne Abraham


Since the first visit to the Drummond Clinic in 2017 there have a been a fair few goings on. I reintroduced myself to training under the eye of Brett Sutton while at camp in Cyprus, re-visited the clinic for a few days, then found a training groove at camp in Lanzarote with the PEWAG racing team.

The return to training after a period of rest or a race can be a tricky one. The tendency is to immediately remember where your PBs are for every race or training session, then proceed to beat yourself up for not being able to knock these out in back to back sessions. Which of course is nonsense. But it doesn’t seem to stop us expecting to be in the same ballpark as where we left off. It was ideal therefore for me to working closely with Brett at this time as he can see this all happening before you even are aware of it, and nudge me back in the right direction when I’m heading down the wrong rail tracks at 1000km/h.

It was also pointed out to me, that if I wanted to race in IM South Africa (end of April) or even 70.3 SA (end of January – what was I thinking…?), I would immediately start training to race. And why not? Well perhaps a good reason would be that it would be better to lay some FOUNDATIONS and get strong enough to train properly first. Ahem. Point taken. Cue training to train.

After my visits to the Drummond Clinic in January and February, I came away with a programme of exercises and mobility routines designed to help me build a strong and stable foundation for the training load to come. Further down the line I can start to layer on some training races and ultimately of course, look at peaking for an A race. But for sure, this won’t be in South Africa in April.

I always like to learn new skills and things about myself through my training and racing.  Sometimes this isn’t pretty such as learning through injury or a race that didn’t go well, but this time it’s been an enjoyable experience to re-introduce gym work  and some lifting into my programme.  I like the technical side of learning new skills and as much as I am happy to advocate and carry out exercises on one leg, balancing on squishy balls and stretching varying coloured elastics in different directions 😉 I also find satisfaction in learning to lift something heavy (ok, heavy-ish) and then putting it down again. I’m wrapping up several weeks of practicing lifting techniques and immediate sensory feedback is that my posture feels improved – my shoulders feel ‘back and down’, I feel more ‘robust’ and stable through my thoracic and my torso feels more ‘connected’. I know these are pretty subjective terms, but it is sensory and this is valuable feedback. Equally, if I felt no different, disconnected or ‘worse’, it would be worth listening to and evaluating rather than ploughing on regardless.

I’ll now begin a solid phase of strength training ‘proper’ in my gym work. It’s already started in my s-b-r training with paddle work, lots of hills and big gear work.  I’m not neglecting top-end VO2 training, speed or tempo work, nor the elastics and balancing on one leg for that matter… however the emphasis at this stage of the year will be in developing strong and stable  foundations for the year to come.

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