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Category: Children

How can Parents help Prevent children’s sports injuries?

As our children return to school after the holidays, the positive effect of sport participation also brings a risk of injury.  So what are the types of injuries most prevalent, and what can parents do to minimise the risks involved?

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Ban The Babywalker!

Baby Walkers – read what Children’s Physiotherapist Faye Knight has to say

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Flat Feet, Knock Knees and other Anomalies – what is ‘Normal’?

Children Biomechanics is very important.  Read on to understand more about these conditions

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Back to school –Why are our children’s movement and posture is suffering?

We are increasingly concerned about the number of children coming into Drummond clinic with back pain, headaches and poor posture, and at a younger age. A staggering 60% of school age children are reported to suffer with back pain at some point and these children are more likely to struggle with chronic pain as an adult. Some surgeons have even coined the term, “Gameboy back”!

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