I thought I was in good shape but a single session with Alex transformed my ease of performance and so improved my ability to ski, cycle and play football...
Kevin, Beconsfield


Winter warming pearl barley, bacon & leek casserole

With the winter in full swing and the nights drawing in, it’s definitely the time for those warming recipes – try this one this weekend!

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Being Ultra Prepared!

Are you an ultra runner? Or perhaps looking at venturing into the sport? With the popularity of Ultra increasing Arran has put together our top tips for Ultra complimenting our previous ‘Ultra Dos and Don’ts’ article (see in text for the link!). Stay prepared from the onset of your Ultra career with this great advice! Click through to read more!

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Saving Your Running Knees this Winter (and forever come to that!)

Do you suffer with achey knees after/during your run? Want to prevent this from happening? Check out this great article from Alex detailing some fundamental things you can be doing to combat running knee pain! Click through to read more!

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Delivering Your December Daily Dash!

Are you taking part in the December Daily Dash this year?!! Here are our top tips for staying injury free!!! Click through for more!

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The Science of Inactivity by Dr Paul Batman

With sedentary behaviour existing as a significant health hazard, the new discipline of “sedentary physiology” or “inactivity physiology” is emerging as more information becomes available on the problems associated with sitting, inactivity and sedentary lifestyles. Want to read more? Click through!

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