A very valuable assessment, which I will follow up. I feel more confident about increasing my cycling mileage after making the recommended changes.
Sam, Maidenhead


Running – The Big 5 to Consider

Running can apply a lot of stress through the body.  Read on through this article to understand more about how you can help yourself to minimise the negative effects of such an activity

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Ban The Babywalker!

Baby Walkers – read what Children’s Physiotherapist Faye Knight has to say

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Flat Feet, Knock Knees and other Anomalies – what is ‘Normal’?

Children Biomechanics is very important.  Read on to understand more about these conditions

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Foundation, Form & Function all from the Feet

Find out how orthotics can help you All of the time, in Sport and Play and Life

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Running – Your Hot Chocolate Toppings

For all of you Runners out there.  Take a look at this article and video on how you can benefit from doing some ‘self soft tissue release’

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