A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
Jamie, Reading


Back to school –Why are our children’s movement and posture is suffering?

We are increasingly concerned about the number of children coming into Drummond clinic with back pain, headaches and poor posture, and at a younger age. A staggering 60% of school age children are reported to suffer with back pain at some point and these children are more likely to struggle with chronic pain as an adult. Some surgeons have even coined the term, “Gameboy back”!

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From Road to Trail and Back Again

Consider the benefits of trail running to give the body a break from the damage caused by pounding the tarmac and boost your running performance.

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Injury or discomfort when Cycling – Bike or Body First

Bike or Body first.  If we are cycling with discomfort or reduced performance, where should we go first?

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Plyometrics – Is it for everybody?

Plyometrics is a fantastic form of training that many personal trainers will have used at some point in their own training programmes at one point or another.

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Strength for Running to Make Running Your Strength

Most of the runners we see at Drummond Clinic spend as much time as they can running. In the majority of these people, doing less running could actually mean more!

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