Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London


Saving Your Running Knees this Winter (and forever come to that!)

Do you suffer with achey knees after/during your run? Want to prevent this from happening? Check out this great article from Alex detailing some fundamental things you can be doing to combat running knee pain! Click through to read more!

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Delivering Your December Daily Dash!

Are you taking part in the December Daily Dash this year?!! Here are our top tips for staying injury free!!! Click through for more!

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The Science of Inactivity by Dr Paul Batman

With sedentary behaviour existing as a significant health hazard, the new discipline of “sedentary physiology” or “inactivity physiology” is emerging as more information becomes available on the problems associated with sitting, inactivity and sedentary lifestyles. Want to read more? Click through!

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Pillow Talk

SLEEP … we spend a lot of time with our head on our pillow(s), but how do we know if the pillow we’re using is correct?? Read our article to find out! Click through for more.

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Protecting Your Back When Travelling Or Commuting

With the majority of people these days either driving to work or taking some form of public transport, we’re seeing more and more people struggling with back pain as a result. Check out our top tips for looking after your back when travelling or commuting by clicking through!

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