A very valuable assessment, which I will follow up. I feel more confident about increasing my cycling mileage after making the recommended changes.
Sam, Maidenhead


Weight management, hypothyroidism and the menopause!

Are you struggling with all three? Click through to read more!!

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Maintenance Treatment for the Sporting Body

Why is it so important to maintain the body when training? Check out Alex’s advice for maintaining the sporting body as well as words from our sporting clients that use maintenance therapy to assist their training!

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Alex’s SwimRun Experience – Part 1!

Check out Clinical Director Alex’s recent experience in SwimRun! While Alex has done many a triathlon among other sporting events, this event has begun his foray into the SwimRun world! To read more, click through!

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Are You Aching On Your Bike?

In this article I am going to put questions of bike fit to one side and turn focus toward our ability to move well.  When people come in to see me about aching on the bike… the majority of the time the expectation is to book a bike fit, make adjustments to the bike and ‘voila’, the the ailments go away.  Unfortunately it isn’t always as easy as that… Click through to read more!

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Protecting Your Back Whilst on Holiday

Going on holiday soon? Maybe you’re planning on doing nothing but lie on the beach and catch those rays. But what kind of effects do lying down and sitting so much on holiday have on the body? Click through to find out more!

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