A thank you to Arran who enabled me to leave my appointment mobile and pain free – far from the state I arrived in! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Drummond Physio.
Jamie, Reading

Christie’s 20 Questions!

Get to know our new Receptionist Christie with her 20 answers below!!

What is your biggest fitness achievement?

Finishing 5th in my age group in my first full distance race, Ironman Lanzarote.

If you could only do one sport for the rest of your life, what would it be?

That’s tough, either showjumping or cycling.

What is your favourite toy?

Probably the Argon, my TT bike.

What is your next big fitness challenge?

In the diary at the moment is a bike race, the 25 hour Red Bull time lapse.

Beyond that, it might just have to be Ironman Lanzarote 2019.

What is your favorite charity?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite. I am always up for getting involved in something that will help others.

How would you distribute your lottery winnings?

First to my family who have helped me enormously. I would then have to do a bit of bike and pony shopping.

Who do you most admire?

My mum.

Describe your relationship with food?

Did someone just say cake?

Are you in a relationship?

I am indeed.

What bores you?

There is nothing worse then sitting in traffic.

What inspires you?

Seeing people achieve their goals and the ‘finish line’ feeling.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Spontaneous, driven, caring

Favourite movie?

Dirty dancing.

Favourite tipple?

I’m a massive lightweight so I don’t often drink.

Favourite famous sporting moment

When we won gold at London 2012 in the showjumping.

What was your last formal qualification?

My HGV license.

What has been your best overseas trip?

That’s very hard to choose, I love spending time in the alps with my bike, the scenery is just incredible (almost as good as the fresh croissants) Equally I have always found something very special about biking in Lanzarote.

Do you own a bicycle?

They are named.

Rodney, the road bike (Cervelo)

Alfonsa the Argon. (TT)

What question do you wish you’d been asked?

Fancy a bike ride?

What trainers do you wear?

ONS and Nike.