A very valuable assessment, which I will follow up. I feel more confident about increasing my cycling mileage after making the recommended changes.
Sam, Maidenhead

DC Client James in the 3 week countdown to Ironman Hamburg!

Final Charge for Ironman Hamburg

It is Saturday 6th July and most of my friends are just off to Henley Regatta for some fun in the sun and I am off for a 6 hour bike ride. Ironman training is generally fun at this time of year but does require sacrifices sometimes. Hopefully the sacrifices will be worth it on race day (28th July).

Training over the last 6 weeks has been variable, more down to the weather than my training! Two weeks of unseasonable rain followed by a 35 degree weekend, had certainly led to some mixed results. I am not designed for extreme heat, as they guys at the Drummond Clinic will confirm ????.

Before stumbling upon triathlon, I was keen rower. The sports are pretty similar with the levels of training and dedication required. However there is one key difference, rowing is a team sport. Triathlon is a team sport, but in a different way. I couldn’t do what I do, without ‘Team Watts’ (Nicky, Bea and Darcey). But I have always missed that competitive team environment.

In June, I was asked to join ‘Team Meglio’ (Meglio are a supplier of fitness and physiotherapy equipment). Being part of the team has given my triathlon career a real boost and given me a renewed enthusiasm for the sport. Mike Whitworth, who is the team manager, really looks after us. I would go as far to say that with the support of Mike Whitworth and Alex Drummond, I feel like a coached athlete. It certainly gives me more focus.

Following the team launch, I was asked to compete in the Wargrave Sprint Triathlon. This didn’t really fit in with Ironman training and not having done a sprint race for 8 years was well out of my comfort zone. BUT it was brilliant fun, and showed me that there is life beyond Ironman for me in 2020. The race itself went surprisingly well. One of our relay teams won the event. Pete Harrison (uber biker) came second. Sophie Whitworth (multiple AG champion) was first lady in 9th. I came 10th and was over the moon.

In 3 weeks I will be on the start line at Hamburg- gulp!

  • Have I enjoyed the journey? Yes, but glad it is nearly over
  • Have I the best preparation? Yes, not sure I could have done much more
  • Am I excited about the race? Yes, bring it on ????
  • What time am I hoping for? Not going to tell anyone that ???? – anything can happen on the day. (Alex, Mike and Nicky know my target but nobody else will)
  • What have I learned in the last 6 weeks? Lots, I love racing and need to do it more in 2020
  • Will I do an Ironman in 2020? No, but I will definitely carry on racing over shorter distances

Thanks to the guys at the Drummond Clinic for their support. See you on the other side.