Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London

The First-Time Triathletes

Triathlon – the sport in itself has become very popular over the last couple of years, helped by British success in the Olympics and across the world (BBC even televises some races now!!) However even before this recent success triathlon as a sport has been growing very rapidly. Since its inception in 1974 in San Diego, triathlon has been increasing in popularity ever since. At the London triathlon this year there was over 30,000 participants. Events range from Super Sprint up to Ironman and even beyond. There are many varieties, but Triathlon specifically, involves a swim, a bike and a run (in that order) the three sports one after another on the same day. The thought of which will terrify most people.

On 4th August a large group of ladies (and Alex) completed the Concorde triathlon at Bradfield College as their first or 2nd triathlon; both staff and clients here at the clinic, hopefully their thoughts will inspire you to complete a challenge you always thought of as out of your reach, whether that be a triathlon or any other event.

Training for a triathlon can be very rewarding, the feeling of crossing the finish line having spent up to 3 hours exercising is a sense of relief, but also pride. Plus you can call yourself a ‘Triathlete’! One of the plus sides of training for a triathlon is the variety in the training, you pretty much train for something different every day. No day is the same! The negative to that is that unlike running or other single event sport, you have 3 disciplines to fit in to your weekly schedule. Inevitably there will be one of those 3 disciplines that you are not proficient in (for the majority it is swimming), and so focus needs to be on this but you can’t neglect the other disciplines! Swimming is the discipline that appears to put people off the idea of entering a triathlon, but there are many events that have a swimming pool swim, which is a little less daunting than the mass start of open water, this can be something for the ‘next’ one. Very few people who finish a triathlon fall into the category of ‘one and done’, and in the experience of the Drummond Clinic team, many are already talking about entering another as well as re-doing the Concorde.

We asked some of the ladies who completed the triathlon for their thoughts on triathlon as a whole and any advice they would give to any body thinking of entering a race themselves, either this year or next.