I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead

Physio Matt’s 20 Questions!

Get to know our new Physiotherapist Matt with his 20 answers below!!

  • What is your biggest fitness achievement?

Can you please ask me that after 31stMarch?

  • If you could only do one sport for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would have to be Football- that was my boyhood dream.

  • What is your favourite toy?

PS4 – Spyro is very addictive

  • What is your next big fitness challenge?

Half marathon at the Running Grand Prix- Bedford Autodrome 31st March 2019

  • What is your favorite charity?

Difficult to choose between Cancer Research and Stroke Association.

  • How would you distribute your lottery winnings?

Pay for our wedding in August. Help my family out to achieve their goals and invest the rest in property abroad (somewhere hot).

  • Who do you most admire?

Steven Gerrard

  • Describe your relationship with food?

My biggest downfall.

  • Are you in a relationship?

Yes I just put a ring on it.

  • What bores you?

Being told what to do

  • What inspires you?

Helping others achieve their goals

  • What trainers do you wear?


  • Describe yourself in 3 words.

Honest, Caring, Over-thinker.

  • Favourite movie?

I can’t choose between The Hangover or Step Brothers

  • Favorite tipple?

G n T!!! (with lime not cucumber- that’s very important)

  • Favorite famous sporting moment

Ipswich Town FC promotion at Wembley 2000.

  • What was your last formal qualification?

Advanced trauma Medical Management in Football

  • What has been your best overseas trip?

My most recent one to Spain last year, She said YES!

  • Do you own a bicycle?

No 🙁

  • What question do you wish you’d been asked?

Round of golf?