Very professional and full of help and knowledge in trying to solve my on going ankle issue. All very friendly bunch of people I will certainly recommend.
Sue, Arborfield

Prevention Conference Announced

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The team at Maidenhead’s Drummond Clinic ( are excited to launch ‘Prevent, Prepare, Perform’ – a full-day triathlon seminar featuring special guest, European IRONMAN Champion 2014 and Drummond Clinic Ambassador, Corinne Abraham.

This innovative event is open to athletes of all levels of ability, and takes place on 1st November 2014 at Hall Place, within the Berkshire College of Agriculture at Burchetts Green. Consisting of a full day of informative seminars and practical sessions, the primary aim of the Prevent Prepare Perform Event is to enable athletes to underpin their training to ensure they get the very most out of it.

Corinne Abraham, Drummond Clinic Ambassador and European IRONMAN Champion 2014, will be presenting ‘Road back to recovery from serious injury to IRONMAN victory’, and she says,

‘Alex and the team at the Drummond Clinic have been a key part of my development and success as an athlete.  Being fit to race is of course key to any athletes’ success, however we spend far more time training than we do racing! By laying down solid foundations of mobility and strength in my training, it has enabled me to function far more effectively come race day.  My body is constantly changing day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year as an athlete and as a person, and by starting to understand how my body functions, I can look to recognise alarm signals before they affect my training and performance.  Through working with Alex and the Drummond Clinic team, I’ve now got a ‘tool-box’ of exercises and techniques that I can use to keep myself functioning and training effectively. It’s not rocket science, there are no secrets and everyone can develop their own tool-box!  

Alex Drummond, Senior Physiotherapist and Owner of the Drummond Clinic says,

‘Being fit to train is an essential prerequisite to performing well as a triathlete. So many athletes come to see me who are getting very good results and on the surface are performing at a very good level, but are on the brink of pushing themselves over the edge. My job is to help them uncover their real potential, helping them to learn how their bodies work – and our event will explore the various ways in which we do this.’

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