I thought I was in good shape but a single session with Alex transformed my ease of performance and so improved my ability to ski, cycle and play football...
Kevin, Beconsfield

Red Kite Ride Top 10 Preparation Tips

With less than a week to go until RKR 2013, here are drummond clinics top 10 tips to help deliver you to the start line as prepared as possible.

1. Make sure that your bike is fit to get you around the course and above all that your bike position is setup to maximise both comfort and performance, if not consider a bike assessment with us, either now or later.

2. Make sure that you rest well, but keep your legs turning over. Do at least a couple of easy rides.

3. Consider a pre-event massage this week at the drummond clinic to loosen any tightness that may have accumulated during your training. If you haven’t had a massage before or for a long time, you will really feel the benefit.

4. Make sure you are hydrated well. Rule of thumb your body can only absorb 500-800ml per hour so sip throughout the day every 15-20 mins – starting from reading these tips.

5. Make sure that the food and fuel that you are going to use on the ride is tried and tested, if not then on your easy rides this week try them out and make sure that your body agrees with it. Don’t change your practiced nutrition strategy it may lead to gastric stress – if so take some toilet paper.

6. Prepare your bike fuel and fluid the night before so that you don’t forget anything in the morning.

7. Eat a good slow releasing carbohydrate meal the night before. This may be something like a pasta/rice/potato meal with a healthy protein and veg portion.

8. Get a good night’s sleep

9. Get up early enough to have a good faster carbohydrate,releasing breakfast. Something like cereal, toast, banana or porridge.

10. Get to the event early, speak to Alex or Ruth about any problems and go and enjoy the ride.