Very professional and full of help and knowledge in trying to solve my on going ankle issue. All very friendly bunch of people I will certainly recommend.
Sue, Arborfield

Profile – Elite & Age Group Athlete

LIVE YOUR DREAM as an Elite or Age Group Athlete

Thorough athlete assessment from biomechanical screening to physiological testing is available with guidance and resolution programming to address any imbalances, restrictions or technical faults that may be found.

Communication with the athlete is important and our focus extends towards in-depth education for the athlete about the athlete. We also reach out to individual and team coaches, therapists, doctors and specialists to leave no stone unturned.

Our extensive services ideally combine to provide the athlete with recovery, rehabilitation, prevention and performance when required and give the athlete the piece of mind that they have the backing of the clinic’s resources.

It is on this premise that our reputation holds strong.

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