I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead

Profile – Sport & Play


Our aim is to diagnose your injury and get you back to your sport – fit, strong and healthy – as quickly as possible. We give you a repertoire of exercises to continue to strengthen you and prevent any reoccurrence of injury. We know sports enthusiasts hate to be told to rest and “only” enforce rest where absolutely necessary!

Our team is very active and each member competes across a wide spectrum of sports. We understand the demands that you have to endure to participate in your chosen sport.

Through our philosophy of Education and expertise in Physical Therapy & Biomechanics we can develop both preventative and rehabilitative programmes to help you train more efficiently and reach your sporting goals.

The route we suggest to support, you – the sports person, may incorporate the use of one or more of our services:

Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Biomechanical Movement Assessment

Sports Massage

Running Workshops

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