Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe

Cycle Assessment – Bike Only

Making sure that your bike fits you well is essential for comfort and performance alike.  The Bike only bike fit caters for the person who has recently changed any components and may be getting a different riding experience, ache or pain as a result of it:

Some of the changes may be:

  • Shoes – change of brand or size
  • Cleats – slightly different position/type
  • Crank length – longer/shorter
  • Saddle – different type (minefield)
  • Stem – different length

Here we would take a history and some video and whilst appraising the data, carryout adjustment to the bike as necessary.

In addition to this service we also have other cycle assessments.

  1. PhysioBikeFit and the
  2. Full Cycle Assessment

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