I arrived limping, I left walking.
Tom, Maidenhead

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is a focused Pilates programme provided by a trained professional physiotherapist who also has extensive Pilates experience and is based upon and informed by the latest research and evidence. At Drummond Physiotherapy we combine our observational movement skills with hands-on manual therapy to enhance the effectiveness of the Pilates session. We use Pilates moves as an assessment tool and then provide adaptations and hands-on releases accordingly, to improve movement.

Guided by your individual goals and observed movement dysfunction, your clinical pilates programme aims to deliver the best possible outcomes and effective long term solutions for you.

The added benefits of Clinical Pilates include:

  • Your specific individual goals set the basis for the tailored program design.
  • Your programme is developed with you and your injury history and movement abilities are at its epi-centre.
  • Clinical Pilates at Drummond Physiotherapy is taught by a Physiotherapist or Exercise Physiologist specialising in movement analysis, correction and injury management.
  • One to one sessions enable the client and physiotherapist to work closely together to ensure maximum safety and exercise effectiveness.
  • Its unique individualised focused approach addresses each patient’s pathology specifically, as opposed to a homogenous group Pilates exercise approach.
  • A purpose designed programme aims to address the true source of an injury or movement restriction not just the injury itself.
  • Exercises can be adapted efficiently and physiotherapy interventions included to address restrictions.

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Joseph Pilates is the original founder of Pilates. Developed in the 1920‘s, Pilates is a conditioning exercise program that focuses on core stability by training of deep stabilizing muscles while mobilising and strengthening the body as a whole. This is achieved using the six Pilates principles which integrate the body and mind for best exercise outcomes: Concentration, centering, breathing, precision, control and flowing movement.