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Resting Metabolic Rate Assessment

Do you have any idea how fit you really are? How healthy you really are? Do you know what your fat burn zone is? How many calories you should eat? Do you really have a slow metabolism? How much progress have you really made in the last 3 months?

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the amount of calories burned at rest each day to maintain your vital body functions and in turn supplies you with the calories you need simply to maintain your weight. RMR accounts for around 80% of your daily calorie intake if you are quite inactive and clinicians agree that understanding this is fundamental to develop an accurate individual weight management programme. Your total energy expenditure depends upon RMR, your level of physical activity and the exercise you do.

Understanding RMR is vital to develop a successful, long term plan of weight loss.

The RMR test consists of you sitting on a chair or lying down on a couch, relaxed and breathing normally for about 15 minutes. Anything that burns – including calories – requires oxygen. Everyone uses the same amount of oxygen to burn a calorie (even though we all burn different amounts of calories). By measuring the oxygen you use, the calories you burn can be calculated.

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