Alex has given me hope when I thought my Ironman race season wouldn’t happen due to chronic Achilles issues.
Declan, London

Custom Orthotics

The way we walk and the way we hold ourselves has a direct bearing on our function. Good movement and posture are fundamental to staying active and problem free. But sometimes we need assistance.

Orthotics play a key part in solving many common issues surrounding our gait and posture.

Where a condition is chronic and cannot be resolved through rehabilitation alone, an orthotic (or insole devise) assists in the correction of your biomechanics and recovery process.

Once we have the results of your Biomechanical Movement Assessment we are able to gather an indepth understanding of how we should build the orthotic.

Using specialist equipment and advanced techniques we create your unique footprint. Our insoles are custom-made on site. Having this ability, we are able to make sure the orthotic and footwear are a suitable match for fit, function and comfort.

Through a rigorous process, you will leave with an exceptionally high quality fitting to accommodate your needs whether for everyday use or for specific activities. These include footbeds for walking, running, cycling, golf, skiing………. as well as standard day footwear.

If you want to know more, please contact us.

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Sometimes we use orthotics for Prevention.  Setting the foundation from the ground up is vitally important and by having an orthotic fitted can really change our comfort, function and performance.