Excellent assessment and passion for both physiotherapy and cycling. Definitely goes the extra mile to help.
James, High Wycombe

Back Care Programme

Do you suffer with back pains?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Maybe not comfortably but the chances are, you are sitting. The fact is, we are not designed to sit for long periods and yet, most of us do. Musculoskeletal pain (typically related to backs) is the second most common cause of long-term sickness in the UK.

To help resolve one of the biggest problems individuals and the workplace face today, we are in the process of creating a 6 week Back Care Programme for you.

What you will get out of the Programme:

You will start to understand the importance of good movement, mobility and posture.
You will begin to  re-train your muscles so that you move and sit correctly and develop a strong core.
Your pain will be eased – if not eradicated, and you will feel balanced and centred.
You will set yourself up with a long term injury prevention plan.

We will let you know when our Programme is launched.